How would you like to get paid to take surveys? Paid surveys are fun, easy, and very lucrative.  If you are looking to make some extra money in your spare time, then you are in the absolute right place. (And making money is very trendy right now… extra cash is pretty much the new black!)  I and my wife have been taking surveys for many years now, and have become pretty darned good at it.  So let us help you get started today with this really quick intro:

get paid to take surveys1. The process:  To get started, you sign up as a registered member.  Then, you will be sent invitations when the company has surveys that they need your opinion on.  The survey invitation will have information on the content of the survey, the length of time that it will take to complete, and how much you will get paid.  After you have completed the survey, you will get paid, often $5 to $20 per survey. (Here is more info on how much you can make by taking surveys)

2. How to get started: To get started, you sign up at a paid survey site: (check out this list of places to get started taking surveys.) You will then be asked to complete some member profiles where you will tell them all about yourself.  They will ask a lot of questions about you age, location, family, shopping, etc.  After all of these profiles are completed, they will know which surveys are right for you.  Soon, invitations will be showing up in your email box.

3. How you will get paid: Depending on the survey site, there may be a minimum amount of money to earn before you can cash out.  After you have completed several surveys and meet the requirements (many sites require a minimum of $50 to cash out) you can request your payment.  Paypal is the most popular way to receive your money, but if you prefer a check, most paid survey sites will send you one.

Please take a look around this site if you have any questions, I have tried to write guides for almost everything and answer all of your questions.  Best of luck to you as you get started with paid online surveys!

-Kyle Howard