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Make Extra Money As A Secret Shopper

Excited Shopping WomanCheck out this additional way to make money from Paid Surveys Etc.: secret shopping. Secret shopping is different than paid online surveys because you actually leave your computer and go to a store and shop. A secret shopper then records and tells the corporation about their experience in the store.

Often there is a large set of questions that the business requires your responses on, like if the floors were clean, if anyone asked you if you need help, if the merchandise was fully stocked and faced, if the cashier was friendly, if the cashier offered you additional purchases, etc. It is important to read over the questionnaire before you go in so that you know what you are supposed to look at.

Sometimes there will be a specific mission for you to complete. For instance, my first task was to ask a store employee what AA-sized batteries I needed for my digital camera. I then needed to record if the employee recommended a specific brand, rechargable, lithium, etc. They also wanted to know if the employee recommended I buy extra batteries.

Although I have never been required to wear one, I have heard that some businesses will send you an audio or video recording device to use while you are in the store. This could actually make it easier to complete the task as you would be able to send in a recording of the entire transaction, rather than having to fill out all of the paperwork. This will probably become more prevalent in the future as covert recording devices become cheaper and easier to use.

If you are required to buy something as part of the mission, you will be reimbursed for the purchase. Typically you will also get to keep what you buy, so this becomes an additional perk. Of course you are also paid, and you can typically make $20-$50 per store visit. If you can schedule a few store visits close together, you can quickly make some easy money.

Overall I would say that the money you can earn per hour is very similar to what you could make doing paid surveys. I have just started with secret shopping, though, so it is a little more exciting for me as I get to actually go do something and meet people. It also has the thrill of feeling like an undercover agent as you secretly check out the store. I recommend anyone looking for a fun way to make additional money to give it a try.

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